YeahSol will provide essential business tools to make business processes more efficient. We will develop no of tools to improve communication between business teams, a faster interaction between supplier and customers and reduce business overhead costs.

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A complete billing solution for business to keep track of their suppliers' invoices. This module is developed from a customer perspective. Keeping track of all invoices received via emails, post and messages are time-consuming. This module will have a Dashboard for Customers and Suppliers.


Email is a key business communication tool. There are multiple services providers. Few are very expensive and few are very outdated. We will provide an email service connected with all modules. From email, you can create tasks or assign jobs or schedule meetings with a single click.


CRM are key tools for the startup as well as established business. Our CRM will have unique features for modern businesses to compete in the over changing market. 


Signiter will provide e signature facility for business documents.


Tasker will provide task management internally and externally. 


Marketer will provide email marketing tools for business.